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Champagne Cédric Bouchard - Roses de Jeanne La Haute Lambee

Champagne Cédric Bouchard - Roses de Jeanne La Haute Lambee

Cédric Bouchard

Champagne Cédric Bouchard - Roses de Jeanne La Haute Lambee

Champagne, France

This cuvee, La Haute-Lemblee, from Cedric Bouchard is something to marvel at for sure. It's his only cuvee made from Chardonnay, and it's a balanced, complex and exquisite number.

The fruit all comes from the tiny 0.12 hectare vineyard, expressing itself as a tense and mineral Champagne; filled with apples, pears, apricot, citrus, and hits of brioche and almond.

It's like a firework in a glass - evolving and unfurling over time to show off everything it has to give. Personality filled and unique, but sadly very limited...

Cedric Bouchard has only been making wine since 2000 but his rise to the top echelons of Grower Champagne has been nothing short of meteoric.

His small estate, named Champagne Roses de Jeanne for his Polish Grandmother Janika, is made up of multiple tiny parcels, many less than 0.1 hectares and from these plots Cedric crafts singular wines with a singular philosophy: one variety, one vineyard, one vintage.

Cedric's dedication to painfully low yields give lends added intensity and the low pressure he chooses for bottling gives a uniquely creamy mouthful. These wines are equal parts fascinating, instructive and delicious. They command your attention and deliver in spades.

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