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Champagne Chevreux Bournazel - La Parcelle "La Capella"

Champagne Chevreux Bournazel - La Parcelle "La Capella"

Chevreux Bournazel

Champagne Chevreux Bournazel - La Parcelle "La Capella"

Champagne, France

Probably the smallest vineyard of the region, a little one but a splendid producer!

This tiny plot is situated on a demanding 45 degree slope with an optimal southern orientation. The winegrowers Stéphanie Chevreux and Julien Bournazel passionately produce only four barrels of champagne from Pinot Meunier and a few bottles of Ratafia. From the vineyard to the bottle, everything is biodynamic.

The very warm summer of 2015 gave us a small crop of beautiful grapes with maximum concentration. Matteo and his team harvested on the morning of September 11, 2015, and the grapes were perfectly ripe at 11.2% potential alcohol.

The fermentation was allowed to happen naturally, with no addition of yeasts and no chaptalization. The bare minimum of SO2 was added, which allowed a natural malolactic fermentation to occur - the first time this has happened with any of our wines.

The wine was bottled in July 2016, then riddled by hand in our tiny vaulted cellar from November 2017-January 2018. “On January 25, 2018 we disgorged just 27 bottles, as the wine was being rebellious and wanted to foam! We explored, tested, and analyzed for any potential problems, and found none. Ultimately, it became obvious - this wine was being capricious, just like our goats! We disgorged again on April 11, 2018 when our son Pierre disgorged 285 bottles, and then the rest of the bottles on April 16th.

” La Capella is Latin for « tiny goat », and also the name for the 11th brightest star in the night sky (hence the choice of the « night blue » color for the label). Elegant wild cuvée of extreme finesse.


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